Baby I love that CHOCOLATE .Dark especially . Good  For Ya Blood. Keeps Calories Down . Ya Hear Me 

^^^^ lmao love yes we keep calories down.



Baby I love that CHOCOLATE .Dark especially . Good  For Ya Blood. Keeps Calories Down . Ya Hear Me 

^^^^ lmao love yes we keep calories down.

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Luv it! @meilanicouture #luvyourmane #blackisbeautiful #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair


Luv it! @meilanicouture #luvyourmane #blackisbeautiful #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair

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Actress Teyonah Parris attends Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge presented by Paragon at Andaz West Hollywood on August 22, 2014

I find her so stunning. Love this whole look


damn she’s gorgeous

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model : clarke lauren photographer : alfred m. muteti



model : clarke lauren
photographer : alfred m. muteti

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My favorite.


My favorite.


A year ago, I went through one of the most painful experiences of my life when my mother passed away. She was an incredible person, and I miss her terribly. Now, a year later, I realize something about painful, traumatic experiences: They don’t really go away. The pain moves from public to…


You guys don’t understand how hard it is to be a cisgender heterosexual white man in this country. I mean, the ethnics are always taking our jobs and they’re the racist ones because they have to fill quotas and stuff. Wow I’m really oppressed by this country. I miss how things were in the 50s….


Social criticism through satire from the best at it.

Anonymous said: Have you heard about the Rotherham child abuse scandal? At least 1,400 children as young as 11 were gang raped, abducted, trafficked, and beaten (including horrors such as being doused in gasoline and threatened with matches) between 1997 and 2013. The authorities were apparently aware of this but did nothing out of fear of being labeled racist because the majority of perpetrators were Pakistani Muslims. Isn't political correctness great?



No, I guess this story hasn’t been as big over here in the States quite yet.  Pretty disgusting, horrific stuff to say the least.



Perpetual reblogging.

LOL so much was said with so few lines.

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Shaun King talks about the trauma of police brutality.

"And there it is. A nearly all-white crowd chanting to a nearly all-black crowd, “Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!” Contemporary racism encapsulated by an attempt to package it as support for the police, exposed by calls to shoot black men.

There are no words."

Ferguson protesters chanted, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” Darren Wilson supporters replied, “Shoot!” (via brutereason)

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One of the many reasons why I'm not close to my parents

  • *at dinner table*
  • Dad: So what's up with this ferguson thing?
  • Mom: It's been going on for a while
  • Me: According to eye witness account, Mike-
  • Dad: Really? I only heard about it today
  • Me: *sighs* According to eye witness account, Mike Brown was on his knees-
  • Dad: Who's Mike Brown? Wasn't he that stupid black guy that got shot because he shoplifted?
  • Me: *gasps in horror* He was not stupid. Have some respect-
  • Dad: well he ought to be for doing something stupid like that-
  • Me: Do you not have enough respect to let me finish his eyewitness account?! That man is dead and you think that because he shoplifted that justifies it?!
  • Mom and Dad: *gasps in shock*
  • Me: According to eyewitness account, Mike Brown was on his knees with his hands up in surrender when he was brutally shot in the head by a police officer who walked up to his corpse, looked him in the eyes, shot him four times, stopped for a minute, and then shot him four more times.
  • Dad: Well I guess he deserved it.
  • Me: *anger builds but stays silent*
  • Mom: honey black people are always trying to pull the racism card. They're just using as an excuse. Black people do stupid things.
  • Me: You're being racist right now. You're blaming an entire race by the actions of few.
  • Dad: That's not being racist. Black people are always starting riots. They're the only race that do that.
  • Me: No, actually. There have been riots thrown by some white, Asian, Hispanic, and pretty much almost every ethnicity-
  • Mom: You're wrong. It's only black people. Trust me, I'm not racist this is just reality.
  • Me: It's not reality you just need to open your eyes and stop blaming an entire race for simply fighting for their equality.
  • Dad: Is killing white people and burning down buildings your idea of fighting for equality they already have?
  • Me: Racism is alive and well to this day. Just because segregation was outlawed in the 1950s doesn't mean racism has ended. Also the protests in ferguson are peace walks.
  • Dad: Mariah you're so blind. Can't you see what horrible things those black people do? Black people are the problem.
  • Me: Racism is the problem.
  • Mom: You need to open YOUR eyes and see this is reality.
  • Me: They're wide open.
  • Me: *leaves room absolutely livid and fuming*

Anonymous said: The kid in Ferguson robbed a store. The cop noticed he matched suspect description and confronted him. The kid rushed the cop, and the cop shot him- normal, procedural action. And not all of the protestors are peaceful. This isn't cops vs. the town. Yes, it's awful and yes there's alleged brutality, but the coverage on tumblr has been awful and biased


Legit the only reason people give a shit about ferguson is because a white cop shot a black kid. White cops can shoot white people and black cops can shoot black people, but the second a white shoots a black, it’s an uproar. THATS why racism remains an issue

This is it kids, the day has come. The day I meet the biggest idiot alive.

Have you been paying literally any attention? Like, not even to start with your horribly bigoted and anti black racist comments in these asks, but “the kid” who was extrajudicially executed by a police officer had a name. His name was Michael Brown, and the pig who killed him was Darren Wilson. 

Here’s a video account by Michael Brown’s friend, the young man who was walking with Michael when the execution happened.

His account stated that Michael was shot several times and that he got down on his knees and put his hands up when Wilson started pursuing him. Michael’s autopsies fit the account.

Several other eyewitness accounts say THE EXACT SAME THING.

Michael was 6’4” and the only possible way that he could have been shot in the top of his head and have the bullet exit out the back of his neck is if he were kneeling.

And whether or not Michael stole anything (which, I believe, was debunked, but I may be wrong), Darren Wilson did not know that Michael was supposedly tied to a robbery.

Not even to mention that petty theft is in no way punishable with unlawful execution.

Feguson, Missouri is in a police state. 75% of Ferguson is a black population and almost none of the police force has black officers. The police are terrorising Ferguson. They have removed their IDs and badges, which is LITERALLY illegal. They shot peaceful protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets, and wooden pellets. I don’t think I have any links for this one, but they’ve repeatedly, pointlessly, and unlawfully arrested reporters in the area. 

They’ve also threatened to shoot the Ferguson livestream operator. They have spent days trying to get the protesters to turn off their phones and stop uploading to media what they’re doing.

And you want to know the real reason people are making a big deal about, in your words, “a white shooting a black”? 

Because it happens all the fucking time.

I am a white person, so while it is not my place to stand up and talk about anti black racism, it’s pretty clear that you’re a goddamn idiot and you need to stay in your fucking lane.

Racism continues to be an issue because of bigoted dumbarses like you.